Saturday, March 10, 2012

I am always looking for ways to do more than one thing at a time. Motherhood has a way of making people become multi-taskers and I am no exception. In fact, I have gotten to the point where I find it impossible to do just one thing at a time.
Today was definitely no exception. We woke up to Emma banging on her door and yelling at us....very typical Saturday morning. The kids had Easter pictures scheduled for 10:00 so we started getting them ready and realized one of Emma's shoes was missing. We looked everywhere we could think of and thanks to her overnight growth spurt, she had no other shoes to match her new dress. So we rushed to get ready. I showered while Kevin ironed Emma's dress. I came downstairs to no breakfast because the kids ate it all. We left for Gymboree with my hair wet and no breafast for me or Kevin. I was already in a wonderful mood and then we arrived at Gymboree to a dark, closed store. We headed to Target and I declared the morning a total disaster. I was thinking there was no way we would make it to Ananchel by 10:00 for their pictures. I literally ran in and bought the shoes then ran out. We miracously made it to Ananchel at 9:59. We got the kids out and hurried in. The photographer, Sundra called us back immediately and all was saved. So we thought.
That's when it happened...Sundra asked Tyler to take his shoes off. Then she took off Emma's brand new shoes as well. I didn't know whether to laugh or hit someone at this I chose to laugh. Kevin and I both did. The shoes that stressed us out beyond belief all morning, weren't even needed for the pictures.
I know there is a lesson in there somewhere. Maybe I'll figure it out one day. :)

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  1. I love it!!!! Typical day in the life of parents!!!! Stress and worry and then it was worthless!!!!